Faculty Performance Evaluation/Merit Salary Increase Appeals Committee

Membership & Reporting: Faculty Senators/Deans conduct election for faculty members; dean and chair representatives elected by Academic Council and CID respectively. Dean chairs the Committee; charge to Committee given by Provost; recommendations from Committee presented to Provost. Three year staggered terms drawn at first meeting. Department Chairs are ineligible to serve in the capacity of faculty.

Committee Members

Robert Spina (Academic Council), Chair FALL 2015-SUM 2018
Kurt Dyrhaug (Fine Arts & Communication) FALL 2016-SUM 2019
Lula Henry (Education & Human Development) FALL 2015-SUM 2018
Donna Meeks (CID) FALL 2015-SUM 2018
Randy Yoder (Arts & Sciences) FALL 2015-SUM 2018
Jerry Lin (Engineering) FALL 2014-SUM 2017
Karen Nichols (Library) FALL 2014-SUM 2017
Sarah Tusa (Faculty Senate President) FALL 2016-SUM 2017
Cynthia Barnes (Business) FALL 2013-SUM 2016