Parking and Traffic Advisory Committee

Membership & Reporting: members & chair appointed by VPFO; students appointed by VPSE; charge to Committee given by VPFO; recommendations from Committee presented to VPFO.

Committee Members

Ray Shearer (Faculty), Chair FALL 2013-SUM 2016
Julie Eddards (New Student & Leadership Programs) Ex Officio
Hector Flores (University Police) Ex Officio
Jose Trevino (University Police) Ex Officio
JoAnna Sheppard (Finance) Ex Officio
Nicole Mitchell (LIT Faculty) phone 880-8023, email: FALL 2015-SUM 2018
Yinka Jenmy (Staff Representative) FALL 2014-SUM 2017
Kelli Creel (SGA) FALL 2016-SUM 2017
Timothy Gonzales (SGA) FALL 2016-SUM 2017
Danielle Sanders (SGA) FALL 2016-SUM 2017
Brandie Van Zanden (Staff Representative, VPSE appoints) FALL 2016-SUM 2017
Natasha Walker (President, Staff Council) FALL 2016-SUM 2017
Anna Cormier (LIT SGA, FALL 2015-SUM 2016
Sarah Tusa (Faculty) FALL 2013-SUM 2016