University Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Membership & Reporting: Members are appointed from each college, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, & representative administrative units. Chair is appointed by the President; charge to Committee given by President; recommendations from Committee presented to President.

Committee Members

Henry Venta (Academic Council), Chair Appointed
Twila Baker (Administrative Units Representative) Appointed
Audra Bendy (Administrative Units Representative) Appointed
Tom Conley (Staff, IT) Appointed
Sharleen Hatch (ITT Training) Appointed
Theresa Hefner-Babb (Exec. Director, Planning and Assessment) Appointed
Alberto Marquez (Engineering Assessment Representative) Appointed
Greg Marsh (Administrative Units Representative) Appointed
Tom Matthews (Office of Planning & Assessment) Appointed
Terry Mena (Student Engagement Appointed
Charlotte Mizener (FAC Assessment Representative) Appointed
Tony Mulvaney (Business Assessment Representative) Appointed
Katherine Roberts (A&S Assessment Representative) Appointed
Jarrod Rossi (Coordinator, Assessment) Appointed
Kevin Smith (Sr. Associate Provost) Appointed
Michael Wallace (Education Assessment Representative) Appointed
Sherry Wells (AVP) Appointed
Rick Carter (Faculty Senate) FALL 2016-SUM 2017