Web Governance Committee

Membership & Reporting: Appointment of members & chair by President; charge to Committee given by President; recommendations from Committee presented to President. The committee will be responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of university-wide strategies, policies, systems, processes and standards relating to all aspects of web and other online communication at Lamar; it will also act as the Steering Committee for all major web-related projects.

Committee Members

Charla Pate (Director of Web Communication), Chair Ex Officio
Kakoli Bandyopadhyay (CID Representative) Ex Officio
Cathy Blanchard (AVP, HR) Ex Officio
Cindy Brown (Reporting Analyst) Ex Officio
David Carroll (Director, Library) Ex Officio
Rick Carter (Faculty Senate) Ex Officio
Kate Downing (Exec. Director, Marketing Communications) Ex Officio
Bill Harn (Dean, Graduate Studies) Ex Officio
Theresa Hefner-Babb (Exec. Director, Planning & Assessment) Ex Officio
Terry Mena (Associate Vice President & Dean of Students) Ex Officio
Brenda Nichols (Vice Provost, Distance Learning) Ex Officio
Paula Nichols (Associate Vice Provost, Digital Learning) Ex Officio
Priscilla Parsons (Vice President, IT) Ex Officio
Brian Sattler (Director, Public Relations) Ex Officio
Henry Venta (Dean, Business) Ex Officio