Change/Reset Password

Password Self Service allows you to unlock your LEA account if you have forgotten your password and to reset your LEA password. 

New Employees

You will be given your LEA credentials during New Employee Orientation.  It is recommended that you register and reset your password in Password Self Service through the myLamar Gateway.

If you have any questions, view Password Self Service FAQs or contact the Service Desk at 409.880.2222.

Changing Password for the First Time

  1. Enter your User Name (exclude “@lea”) and temporary password in the respective fields.
  2. Next, retain the default setting of BMT in the “Log on to” box and click “Login”.

If you any additional questions, contact the Service Desk at 409.880.2222 or by email at servicedesk@lamar.edu.

Access Zimbra Email

Logging In

  1. LU Email accounts can be accessed by visiting https://lu.lamar.edu directly or by the myLamar Gateway at http://my.lamar.edu.
  2. Enter you LEA username and password in the respective fields. Please note that you do not need to include the “@lea” in the username.
  3. New employees are instructed to contact the Service Desk at 409.880.2222 to retrieve their new LEA username and password.

Password Help

If your password does not seem to work, first verify that the CAPS LOCK is not on. Passwords are case sensitive. If you are still unable to log in, your password may have expired. To change your password, visit Password Self Service. (Please note that you will need to register your LEA account before you are able to change the password.)

The temporary password must be changed before logging in to your Lamar email account. To change the temporary password visit the Password Self Service and register your account. Once your account has been registered, you will be able to reset your password.

If you are still experiencing problems with your password, contact the Service Desk at 409.880.2222 or by email at servicedesk@lamar.edu.

Configure iCal (Mac) for Zimbra Calendars

To add your calendar to iCal:

  • Start iCal by clicking on the Icon in the applications.
  • Click on the iCal menu on the top, and click on preferences.
  • Click on the accounts tab in the preferences window.
  • Click on the '+' to add an account
  • Set your account type to CalDAV User Name: [Your LEA username without '@LEA' ] Password: [Your LEA password] Server address: lu.lamar.edu
  • Please click on the Server Settings tab in your account and ensure that "Use SSL" box is checked.
  • Close the accounts window and your calendar will populate.

Configure Thunderbird for Zimbra

Accessing Zimbra with Thunderbird

Thunderbird Specific Settings

incoming server: lu.lamar.edu
protocol : IMAP
Use SSL : Yes
Port : 993

outgoing server: lu.lamar.edu
protocol : SMTP
Port: 465

Username:LEA username (without @lea extension)
Password:LEA password

Enable Global Address List

The Global Address List (GAL) contains information for all users email accounts, university distribution groups, and helpful email resources.

At https://lu.lamar.edu (Web Interface)

  • Go to Preferences
  • Go to the Address Book tab and make sure all three options are checked.
  • Save the changes.

Set up a Briefcase Drive on a Mac

The briefcase facility in Zimbra is an excellent feature to keep your documents portable. However, the web interface limits uploads and downloads to few files at a time. The faster way is to make your briefcase appear as a drive on your Mac.

To do this:

  • Click on Finder.
  • Click on 'Go' in the menu bar at the top OR press command + k
  • For Server Address type: https://lu.lamar.edu/dav//Briefcase
  • Enter your LEA username without '@LEA'Enter your LEA password.

Your briefcase will appear like a drive in your finder. You can do anything there as you would normally do on your external drive.