Mass Email Distribution Policy and Procedures

Step 1 - Create an email to be sent and define recipients

Schedule Include desired send date and time. However, this does not guarantee that the email will be sent at the requested time. The send date and time will be determined by the available queue and the Mass Email Distribution Policy


All Faculty, All Staff or All Students - or any combination of the three


Supply the subject line for the email message
Message Content Type the copy for the body of the message 
Closing Include text:
If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact ____________ at 409-880-____ or email

Additional considerations and requirements on using images

In order for all users to easily access content in mass emails, we must abide by certain guidelines.

      • Vital information must be included in the text body above the image and begin with "Image Description: [text from the image]" (PC users see alternate options below)
      • Images should be used in moderation. Ideally, images including text that is more than two sentences should be changed to a web page and a link provided in the email.  Contact your department web liaison or marketing representative for more information.
      • Attachments cannot be sent in mass emails. 

Alternate options for PC Users

        • In Outlook for the PC, you may choose to embed alternative text "alt text" in the image instead of adding "Image Description: [text from the image]"
        • Steps for embedding alt text
          1. Insert the image in the email
          2. Right-click the image
          3. Choose Format Picture or Format Object (depends on Outlook version)
          4. Choose Layout and Properties tab
          5. Add a title and a description

Step 2 - Get Required Approvals

Please read the Mass Email Distribution Policy prior to submitting your request and to determine the appropriate approvals required for the mass email request.

Step 3 - Email Distributed

Following the multi-step review and approval process, the mass email will be distributed to the defined recipient list based on acceptable mass email sending policy in conjunction with requested send date and time.